Last Workshop Photo

Hi friends and colleagues,

This is the last photo from my six-day east coast trauma workshop tour last week, just before speeding off to the airport for my long flight home. If I look happy but a bit tired, that’s exactly how I was feeling! The workshop in Philadelphia capped a fabulous week!

The elderly fart on the right with white hair is me, and the good looking guy on the left is Hashim Raza, who attended the workshop and kindly sent me the pic. I believe he is a psychiatrist if my memory is correct. I am always thrilled when psychiatrists attend my workshops, since most of the mental health professionals who follow my work are non-MDs. Most individuals who are struggling with depression and anxiety need more than just pills to get back to joy and self-esteem, so I salute Dr. Raza and all psychiatrists who are committed to adding effective and compassionate psychotherapy skills to their toolkits!


Following publication of this blog, I received the following information about Dr. Raza:

Hashim Raza, MD
Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center, Saginaw, Michigan
Assistant Clinical Prof. of Psychiatry, Central Michigan University, Michigan
Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Kudos to Dr. Raza!


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