I’m Back! Missed You!

Hi friends and colleagues,

I am back from three fabulous two-day trauma workshops in Washington DC, Newark, NH, and Philadelphia. The people who attended were just fantastic, so warm and enthusiastic. One of my most rewarding workshop tours ever! All three of my evening live demonstrations with volunteers who attended were incredibly inspiring, and the changes the volunteers reported were pretty amazing. In fact, one person was skeptical and thought the demonstration was staged! Of course, it is all completely real.

I also enjoyed terrific support from esteemed colleagues who attended, including several who have started Feeling Good Institutes / TEAM-CBT training and treatment programs in New York (including Elise Munoz, Dr. Robert Schachter, Lynne Spevack, and Dr. Taylor Chesney), plus Lisa Kelley who came all the way from Colorado to do some much appreciated PR on the spot. She might have some brief videos to share with us.

I am on catch-up, and hundreds of emails behind after a week on the road, so will need a couple days before I start blogging in serious again for you, but I have some great topics coming up! In the meantime, I wanted to share a few photos from the Sunday hike (I got back really late Saturday from Philadelphia.) We talked about how a parent can motivate a son or daughter who procrastinates on school work, and the many errors we tend to make. It was pretty powerful. By the way, we weren’t all guys on the hike!

Below are two of the trails we hiked. I love photos like this! However, the real adventures on our hikes are internal, exploring and changing how we think, feel, and relate to loved ones, patient (clients), and colleagues.



Three of the four hikers on Sunday. From left to right, Douglas, a therapist from Berkeley who does “running therapy” and wanted to experience my Sunday “hiking therapy,” yours truly, and Dave, a neighbor who hikes almost every week.


Below are two lively participants from one of my workshops last week, I think it was the one in Philadelphia.


There are lots of fabulous things scheduled, including a Feeling Good Podcast with Fabrice on how to deal with individuals who are dangerous, angry, and potentially violent. So stay tuned!


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Thanks! David