Upcoming Trauma Workshops!

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The brief video below invites you to my three upcoming workshops on high speed treatment for patients who have experienced depression and anxiety from traumatic experiences. You will learn the latest TEAM-CBT skills to improve your clinical outcomes, and have the chance to see TEAM in action in the live demonstration on the evening of day 1. And on day 2, you can do some personal healing as well!

You’ll find the dates, locations, and links right below the video! It is my first video of this type, and it is only okay, so I hope you will be kindly in your assessment! I’ve had a severe camera phobia since I was a child, only only finally overcame it just a month or so ago. So now I can smile in front of a camera! Wow, I am so happy about this!


Rapid Recovery from Trauma: New High-Speed TEAM-CBT Treatment Techniques

April 24 – 25, McLean, VA 22102, Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner (link to brochure)
April 26 – 27, Newark, NJ, Hilton Newark Penn Station (link to brochure)
April 28 – 29, Philadelphia, Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District (link to brochure)
For more information, contact IAHB phone: 800-258-8411

Hope to see you at the workshop!


PS Here are several unsolicited anonymous comments on the evaluation forms for this workshop:

  • The live demonstration in the evening was freaking incredible!
  • The live demonstration was dynamite! . . . It was beautiful!!
  • The entire process was fantastic!
  • I liked all of it! I appreciated Dr. Burns willingness to be vulnerable with his own flaws and fears.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Trauma Workshops!

  1. Dr. Burns’ workshops are life-changing! My professional career was completely transformed through discovering and mastering the powerful tools generously shared by Dr. Burns in his live conferences! My patients are recovering faster than ever with Dr. Burns’ approach to therapy.

    • Thanks Elise! Appreciate the kind comments about my workshops! I hope some folks will attend and hang out with us, and have fun, and pick up new ideas and tools, just as you have done!

      Warmly, David

  2. Hi Dr. Burns,

    The video is great… No worries!

    Is it possible for you to do a podcast episode about your take on healing childhood trauma (emotional, physical, etc…), for us who can’t come to the US from other countries?

    Thank you very much for your work

    • Thanks Eric, You might enjoy the upcoming podcasts featuring live work with Marilyn. I use TEAM-CBT with individuals with current or past traumas, and the process is illustrated in these podcasts. You can also join of the weekly online TEAM-CBT training groups, which are excellent. You can find a list of them, with contact information and costs and details, right here on my website. I believe the list can be found on the resources tab. My psychotherapy eBook on TEAM might also help: Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy. You can find the order form on the resources tab as well. David

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