Therapist Resistance!

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Here is a self-photo I just clicked working here in my office!

I just got permission to publish an email from a mental health professional who has been listening to the podcasts. I wanted to publish it because his experience is the same as mine when he points out that so many of his colleagues appear to be stuck in their ways and refuse to open up to new, data-based, researched treatment methods that work so much better than traditional endless talk therapy. To me, this resistance to evolution in our field has been a source of ongoing frustration, although I’m sure I have some unenlightened “Should Statements” triggering my emotions!

And clearly, mental health professional ARE hungry, open, and eager to learn new and vastly more effective treatment methods. But when the Copernican Revolution first appeared, there were a hundreds years of oppression and attempted suppression of the new ideas by the established Catholic church, who did not want to be challenged.

At any rate, I have also found, like Ash below, that students who know nothing, as well as members of the general public, are far more open to the new and exciting developments in psychotherapy, including TEAM-CBT, as well as a number of other promising new methods.

So here is his note:

Dear Dr. Burns,

I hope you are keeping well. Your work has been indispensable for my practice. I routinely direct clients to your podcast and have been able to provide very effective counselling that is also efficient and affordable. Moreover, I have been teaching at a local University, as well as joining a local “MeetUp” for T.E.A.M., and spreading the word to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues remain closed to the notion of evidence-based techniques but my clients and students have been much more open-minded!

I did receive an update for the therapist’s toolkit but that was some time ago. I think it might have been 2006. In any case, I wonder if I could get the latest update. I have seen you in person for workshops on three occasions and I love “When Panic Attacks”. Thank you so much for everything.

Warmest regards,


This was his reply to my request to publish his kind email:

Hi Dr. Burns,

My goodness, you’re fast! Yes, by all means, please publish my message. Please feel free to name me if you so wish. We need all the help we can get.

By the way, I’m good friends with Geoff Mudaliar, who has been working very diligently and sincerely to get more people on board. He’s the one heading our local T.E.A.M. on

Take care and I look forward to more podcasts and TED talks,

Ashif Kassam MA, RPN, BSc, CCC

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