Hello New Friends!

Dear friends on Facebook and Twitter and website members on,

I want all of you to know how much I appreciate all of your love and support! This weekend, I reached my limit on 5,000 FB friends. This upsurge happened all of a sudden, starting just three weeks ago, and I greatly appreciate it, as I want my message to reach out to as many folks as possible. I I’m totally new to FB and Twitter, and extremely unskilled, so I’m also a bit shocked and pleasantly surprised!

_DSC8417Sadly, it’s impossible to respond personally to the hundreds of messages I’m now getting daily from FB alone, but I want you to know that I deeply appreciate each of you. If you have specific questions, you can ask questions or make comments on each post at,  Alternatively, you can ask me questions directly via my website, Although I cannot do treatment or answer personal questions, due to ethical considerations, I do enjoy asking general questions about psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy, or mental health that might have a broad appeal to everyone.

Please help me share the news about the new TEAM-CBT I have developed by sharing your posts with others and encouraging their friends and colleagues to visit my website. In addition, you might enjoy listening to my weekly podcasts with Dr. Fabrice Nye. We have a lot of fun, and I try to tell inspiring or funny stories in each episode—stories with an embedded teaching message. The podcasts are intended for therapists and the general public alike.

You might also want to attend one of my workshops, such as my current two-day workshop on new, high-speed treatments of victims of trauma, or one of my four day intensives. They are listed at this link on my website. Although my workshops are intended for mental health professionals, on occasion a super-interested lay person has sneaked in and enjoyed them, too. I teach in common sense language that anyone can understand—not a lot of jargon.

I write in common sense language as well, and you can learn about some of my books for the general public at this link. Many individuals suffering from mild, moderate or severe depression have benefited greatly by reading Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, or the Feeling Good Handbook. Together, these two books have now sold more than five million copies in the US, and many more throughout the world.

I will probably soon be converting to a FB business page to allow me to connect with more people, and so I will have more tools to reach out to folks.

I hope to create some hope, warmth and inspiration in your life, especially given corrupt, aggressive, and unpredictable world we find ourselves in!

Finally, the photo above includes my two late kitties, Happy and Obie, taken a few years back. I am now older with a beard. Sadly, our little Happy died suddenly recently from an abdominal tumor, and our Obie disappeared in the middle of the night a few months ago. My wife and I loved them both dearly, and experienced a profound loss. Both were strays we adopted, and Obie had been totally feral.

On the positive side, we now have a darling and beloved new kitty, Miss Misty, who is just fantastic, so sweet and gentle and smart! Will send new photos of her shortly, taken by Maryam Hamidi just before yesterday’s Sunday hike with members of my group.  I’ll have some hiking photos too!


David Burns, MD