Hi everybody! I will now be sharing many posts from my website on FB and Twitter, and maybe other sites eventually.

My colleague, Lisa Kelley, urged me to thank all of you who are reading my blogs and supporting my efforts–so thank you! I am trying to get as many people as possible signed up on my website, so please spread the word. There are tremendous free resources for you on, including my free weekly Feeling Good Podcasts with Dr. Fabrice Nye. We are getting loads of kind and positive comments, so check it out!

Also, she said many people send me emails on Facebook, but I rarely go to my FB page. I would encourage you to come to if you want to comment or send me an email that you want me to respond to. There is a convenient sign up button there too, to make it easy for you to subscribe to my posts. And at the bottom there will always be a button if you want to share any specific post with your friends and colleagues.

That’s all for now!


9 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Dr Burns

    I’m receiving your emails but not sure how to sign up for your website if it’s any different

    Thank you so very much I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping me get a perspective on addressing my anxiety fears and stress



  2. Dear David
    I was listening your this podcast again.

    I earlier told you my son has OCD.

    In This podcast, You informed that you treated an agoraphobic lady using experiment method.
    I have some confusion I would request if you could address.
    As you know the agoraphobia is the fear to go out somewhere where patient feels severely threatened in some irrational way. In this case of a lady, the theat was going nuts if she wants to some special place.
    What I understand her exposure or her experiment would have been to go somewhere, where she felt she had a high possibility of going nuts. Her irrational believe was not going nut if she acted nuts. When she did not go to that type of place she may not find out for herself that her fear was misplaced.
    Kind regards

    • Rizwan, you make a good point. In this case, she was terrified of trying to go nuts in my office, fearing she might really have a psychotic break. That’s why the intervention was massively effective and curative. If she had not been afraid of trying to go crazy in my office, we would have had to go to some location where she WAS afraid! All the best, david

      • Very grateful to you I am David.
        A new world is dawning on me because of your book feeling good and your podcasts.
        I wish you a very long, and very healthy very productive and blissful life-Ameen

      • Thanks, Rizwan, way to go! I am so happy for you, and appreciate the kinds words, too! david

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