How Can I Buy Tools, Not Schools, Of Therapy, in Venezuela?

Greetings Dr. Burns,

I am a psychologist and I am interested in buying your psychotherapy eBook, Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy, but I cannot do it because I live in Venezuela. Would it be possible to me to buy it from Amazon in the future?

I am a great admirer of your life and work and I am deeply grateful to you,

All My Best Wishes to You!


Hi Raúl,

Thanks for your kind words. Anyone can send me the funds via PayPal, using a credit card. Have the funds sent to my email address,, and make sure you include an order form so I’ll know what you are ordering. Also, please add 4% for the PayPal charges. This has worked for quite a few individuals. You will receive the eBook as a pdf, attached to an email, with a code so you can open it.

All the best to you!