My Mother in Brazil is Depressed / Are there Foreign Translations of Feeling Good?

Hi Dr. Burns,

My name is Daniele. (name disguised). I’m from Brazil and I’m going to start my psychology degree.

I just got out of a depression and your book, Feeling Good, helped me a lot. But my mother is in trouble, too, and cannot do things for herself. She divorced my father 10 years ago, and had lived unhappily with him for eight years before that. So I guess I can say she’s been depressed for 18 years.

I’ve tried everything, but nothing works. Could you help me?

I have spent my whole life seeing the person I love the most in the world in a deep depression. She is unhappy because she feels that my father has made a big bruise in her heart. She is lonely and has no partner. She worries a lot about money because she is self-employed.

She won’t try to do anything for herself, and simply feels defeated. She gives up without trying.

I hope my English is not too bad. I’m from Brazil and I’m not fluent in English.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that I have some answer that can help me to help her.



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