Can Depression Really Be Treated in a Single, Two-Hour Therapy Session?

Hi, I hope you will find my latest blog interesting! It is based on an interview with Lisa Kelley, a TEAM-CBT therapist and former journalist, and is intended for therapists and for the general public alike, although a few sections may seem somewhat technical.

I’ve been running a survey on this site about whether single-session treatment for depression and anxiety is possible, and the vast majority of you have indicated the very idea is somewhere between unrealistic and absurd. Ten years ago I would have agreed with you, and written off anyone who made such a claim as a con artist.

For my latest thinking on this highly controversial topic, you can click here.  You’ll also learn the secrets of melting away therapeutic resistance using the latest TEAM-CBT techniques. Make sure you provide your feedback and ideas about this, too, as our understanding is evolving, and you can be a part of that process!