004: A = Agenda Setting (Part 1) —The Eight Most Common Forms of Therapeutic Resistance

In this Podcast, Fabrice and David answer the question: What is therapeutic resistance? You will find out that therapeutic resistance is NOT what you were taught in graduate school or read about in the writings of Sigmund Freud! You will also discover why overcoming therapeutic resistance can be the key to high-speed, dramatic recovery for many depressed and anxious individuals.

Dr. Burns illustrates his new T.E.A.M. Therapy approaches with a dramatic vignette involving a violent, depressed and suicidal drug addict who challenges and attacks Dr. Burns repeatedly during a group therapy session at a hospital in Philadelphia.


5 thoughts on “004: A = Agenda Setting (Part 1) —The Eight Most Common Forms of Therapeutic Resistance

    • Will do so in a week or so. We have been waiting until we have six of more in the pipeline, and two are now being prepared, so should be soon! david

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    • Hi Kevin, Thanks, great question! I’d suggest one of the online TEAM Training classes offered at http://www.feelinggoodinstitute.com. Also, individual supervision can be a great help, with a focus on specific interactions with patients that are problematic. Also, I’ve done techniques similar to a Cost-Benefit Analysis with folks in our groups, and that seems to help. In fact, you could simply make a list of at least ten HUGE benefits of helping, along with what this shows about you that’s positive and awesome. Then you can decide if you want to continue or change! All the best, David

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