The “Lost Chapters”–#1 Psychotherapy and Spirituality

I appreciate your visiting my website. When I have published books in the past, there has always been some tension between my own thinking and the ideas of the publishers and editor. Book publishers have the belief that shorter is always better, so they cut cut cut. Often they are right, but not always. In some cases, chapters that I have felt were vital to the message and methods of a book were deleted in the interests of making the book shorter.

My book, Feeling Good Together, describes a new approach to understanding and healing trouble relationships. The last chapter, which the editor deleted, was on the connection between psychotherapy and spirituality. I am not referring to any particular religion, but rather to some of the deeper themes that are common to many of not all religions. I have always felt sad about the elimination of this chapter from the book, so I decided to edit it a bit (since publishing it out of context might be confusing) and publish it right here on my website.

Let me know if you like it, and if you’d like me to publish more of the “lost chapters.” I’ll give you an ultra short survey when you’re done.


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