Report on the Whistler Intensive / More Training Opportunities for You!*

Hi everybody,

last week’s psychotherapy training intensive in Whistler, Canada was just awesome. Oops, Lisa Kelley has urged me not to go over the top with language, so let me say it was arguably a bit above average. In fact, the ratings for all four days were the highest I’ve received–by a big margin, actually–in the last 25 years or more of doing workshops. I was thrilled and grateful to have such a warm and responsive group.

My dear colleague, Jack Hirose, who organized the conference, said the ratings were the highest he has seen in the many hundreds of workshops that he has sponsored in Canada with a variety of speakers. I was grateful for the skillful help of my dear colleague, Mike Christensen, who attended and assisted greatly with the teaching. He was also my co-therapist in the live demonstration on the morning of the second day of the conference with an audience volunteer who had experienced severe trauma and abuse.

The session was riveting. We were fortunate to have it filmed in gorgeous ultra-high definition video, and I hope to make it available to you as part of a training program before long.

If you would like to attend a similar conference, consider the upcoming San Francisco intensive in a few weeks. I will try my hardest to make it a little above average, too!

My San Francisco summer intensive is always one of my BEST training programs of the year because the group is quite small. This gives you lots of chances for Q and A and personal connection with me, plus lots of chances for networking with your colleagues. In addition, many individuals from my Tuesday group at Stanford will join me to provide feedback for you during the small group exercises.

Here are the specifics:

Coming in San Francisco in August

High Speed, Drug Free Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders–
A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Advanced Intensive

August 6 – 9, 2018, South San Francisco Conference Center, California
For more information, click here
or contact
phone: 800-258-8411

If you can only attend one of my workshops, consider this intensive! it is simplly


Seating is limited. Register now  if you want to get in on the action!

Hope to see you in San Francisco in August! David

 * * *

Also coming up soon on my Sunday FB Live Broadcasts

Sunday, July 15th, 2018, at 3 PM: The Disarming Technique–Taking a Deeper Dive, with special guest, Mike Christensen

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018, at 3 PM: The Shouldy Approach to Life–How to Crush Should Statements, with special guest, Jill Levitt, PhD

If you attend live, you can ask questions and be a part of the show. However, they are all recorded so you can tune in anytime on my Public FB page!

Attention: Mike and I need your help for the program this coming Sunday, July 15th. We are going to show you how to put the lie to any criticism by agreeing with the criticism. This is called the Disarming Technique, one of the Five Secrets of Effective Communication. But to bring the show to life in a personal way, we need you to provide challenging criticisms you may have heard from angry clients, or from friends, family, or colleagues.

No one has emailed me with any good criticisms yet. This is your chance for individual feedback from us!

People often complain along these lines: “But how can you agree with a criticism that simply isn’t true?” Well, we’ll show you! But you need to send us examples of criticisms you have received that “simply aren’t true!”


4 thoughts on “Report on the Whistler Intensive / More Training Opportunities for You!*

  1. Hi David,

    Here is an example of using the Disarming Technique that I experienced the other day. Perhaps you and MIke might use the example in the Live Broadcast this Sunday.

    I was helping an elderly (and with poor eyesight) woman install her air conditioner. We needed to install one screw to hold the thing in. Well, she kept missing the pre drilled hole for the screw and saying it’s in the hole when in fact I could see it was off the mark by a good 1/4 inch or so. I kept putting the screw in the pre drilled hole and saying you are good to go; just screw it in. Well she was absolutely convinced she was right even though it was clear she was way off the target. I was getting ticked off because it was SO clear she was off the mark! Suddenly I thought of the Disarming Technique and said something to the effect, ‘Yes, you are right’ because in reality SHE was convinced she was right. The screw eventually found its way into the hole…


  2. At my work in pain clinic I helped a patient who suffered from a terrible neurological disease and was in great pain to receive a license for medical kanabis-marijuana. I did that in spite of and contrary to the head of clinic instructions not to give anymore recommendations for kanabis treatment, as I thought she needed it, deserved to receive this treatment and I wanted to help her.
    I made it clear to the patient and her son that I do it in spite of my instructions , that it will take quite a while to receive the license and that beyond giving the recommendation I have no influence on the system .
    After a week her son found my private phone no. and started calling me saying I am a civil servant and I have to listen to him and help his mother get her license quickly.
    After a few phone calls I stopped answering him and than he called from a different phone.
    He was shouting at me and made me so furious and enraged by his impertinence, that I raised my voiceat him, but than cuaght myself being so not empathic to him and said :
    “I respect you for being so devoted to your mother, I appreciate how you take care of her and do everything you can to find cure to her misery.
    I did my best to help her and I wish I had more influence on the system
    but I can’t do anything else beyond this point. ”
    He was silent and I felt so much better after saying this. I decided that if he calls again I will answer him but he didn’t call .

    • Nice Gila! Thanks! I have found, too, that a little compassion can go a long way. I have also found that I, like you, sometimes have to struggle with feelings of frustration and annoyance with others, but when I give in too much to these feelings, I usually regret it and wish I had used the Five Secrets of Effective Communication! Great note and dialogue, very cool! David

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